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Importing to two tables/sharing fields across tables

Question asked by kleink on Aug 5, 2014
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Importing to two tables/sharing fields across tables



     I have four tables in one database file- a main one for projects and three others that are specific to departments working on the projects.  The parent table contains the data pertaining to a project, i.e. due date, contact info, etc., while the other three tables have fields for the departments along with the fields from the parent table (project name and due date).  Is there a way to import into the child and parent table at the same time?  If not, a way to write the fields from the child table to be the parent table fields so when I import into the child that the parent fields are populated?  I tried to do a calculation, i.e. Table A::Project = Table B::Project, but it doesn't work- I'm sure I'm missing something.

     Any insights would be appreciated, thanks!