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Importing two excel databases as one merged filemaker database?

Question asked by ACOPcharity on Aug 26, 2009
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Importing two excel databases as one merged filemaker database?


Hello Everyone,


I am trying to import two different excel files into filemaker as one database. Basically it is two different excell files with information about students in our music program. One file was cretaed through a on-line system that we use and the other from access. They do not correlate perfectly since one has many more studen records than the other. the thing is that one has for example parent information that the other does not and the other has class information that the other does not. So basically I would like to merge both into filemaker to get the most ouf of them. How could I go about doing that. I already imported one, I was thinking of trying to import the other one and maybe there is a way to have filemaker recognize duplicates based on student names and then just adding the information that is missing inot the existing record and creating new records if they are already not created. Am I dreaming here? Is it even possible?

P.S. Keep in mind the two excel lists do not correlate perfectly such as Adam is in line 1, Ana in line 2 sort of thing, since one has more or other students than the other so I couldn'ty just copy and paste collums into one file or would not even want to macth them manually since there is almost 2,000 records.



Thank you