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Importing Usernames and Passwords into Accounts/Security

Question asked by TimHardesty on Aug 8, 2011
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Importing Usernames and Passwords into Accounts/Security


I am attempting to recreate the functionality of a Cold Fusion Website used for creating orders for products from a few customers into a FileMaker Pro using the Instant Web Publishing. I have the .xls of the existing usernames, passwords and othe info (about 150 of them) and would like create a login for them which simply asks them for the username and password. If they type in the correct info, then they get to the next layout which lets them pick their products to order, then submits this information as a pdf via e-mail.

Can I create some layouts and scripts that will give me this functionality from information in a table or do I need to use FileMaker Pro's Accounts and Securty for this?

Is there a way to move information from a table(Username, password, privilege set) into the FileMaker Accounts for Security?

Thank You