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    Importing Value Lists?



      Importing Value Lists?


      Is it possible to import a value list from one database into another new database?

      I'm converting some older multi file solutions that were pre 7, maybe even pre 5, into a new consolidated solution. I'm trying to get it done as quick and painless as possible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

      As of right now I see the steps as being:

      1) Import Tables

      1a) Value Lists

      2) Layouts


      Once again, thank you for any help

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          Hmmm, I'd use

          1) Import Tables

          1a) Recreate relationships with exactly matching Table Occurrence Names
          1b) Value Lists

          2) Paste Layouts  (quick and dirty, don't bother making it perfect)


          4) Paste layouts again and this time make it perfect.

          Double pasting layouts with scripts being imported in between can keep the buttons on your layouts linked to the correct scripts--though you should double check this if you have more than one script with the same name.

          If your value list is based on a table, then the table can be imported, of course, but you have to redefine the value list by hand--which is a pain.

          If they are custom values, I've used this trick to save flipping back and forth so much:

          1. Open the value list and copy the value list name.
          2. Paste the value list into the list of custom values so that the value list name is now the first value.
          3. Copy the entire list of custom values to the clipboard (which now copies the value list name also).
          4. Switch to your target file, create a new value list and paste into the custom values box.
          5. Now cut the first value to the clip board and paste it into the value list name box.

          With care, you can copy multiple custom value lists to your clipboard by repeating steps 1-3 before switching files and then pasting--deleting values and value list names that do not apply to a given value list.

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            Thanks for the info, I'll give that clipboard trick a shot.