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    Importing word document in FMP11



      Importing word document in FMP11


      Hi, i would like to import a word2010 document in fmp11. I don't really need it to be automated, i can do it manually since i don't have to do it very often. My problem is that i want to keep the text formatting of the original document (bold, underline, tabs, numbers, text color, etc.). Right now i'm doing a simple copy/paste within the word document to a field in my DB. I get all the info, but i loose the text formatting.

      Is there a way to keep the text formatting?


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          Yes, if you used a Mac system instead of Windows. (Not what you wanted to hear, but this is a difference between mac and windows that is no longer the case with newer versions.) The other option would be to upgrade to FileMaker 13 were copy/paste in windows will include the text formatting.

          You may want to insert a reference to your word doc into a container field and then open the original document in Word by double clicking the container.