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    Importing Word Documents



      Importing Word Documents


      I am using Filemaker 9.0 on Windows.


      I have a layout that is a letter and my sales people want to import a word document for the body of the letter. I created a container field to receive the copied letter and it works fine - all the formatting stays, but it imports to the middle of the container and I can't get it to start at the top of the container field. Second question is how do I allow it to be multiple pages? Do I set the length of the container to something like 24 inches?






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          First question answered:

          In layout mode, select the container field and choose "format | graphic". There are alignment pop-ups there that you can set to "Top" and "left".


          To see multiple pages, I believe you'll have to open the document itself. If you stored the document by reference, you can double click the field to open the original file. If you stored the actual file, you'd have to write a script that exports the field and opens the document--but that also makes it possible to edit the document which may not be what you want.


          The other alternative is to divide the document in pages with each page in a different container field (I'd store them in a table of related records in a portal) or store a PDF of the file instead of a word document.