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Importing XML

Question asked by goodhope on Nov 25, 2009
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Importing XML


Hello Everyone,


I'm new to Filemaker and have a requirement to import XML. I understand that in order to do this you must firstly transform the XML into a type that Filemaker can understand. I gather this is via an XSLT - unfortunately I'm no XSLT expert! I do see that I can use a standard XSLT provided by Filemaker called 'msdo_elem.xslt' on my XML file - which I have - unfortunately I don't get the result I'm after - which is to import each element into a separate field within a record (what I get in this instance is the entire XML file in one field.


Any help would be gratefully accepted - Thanks in advance.


Regards Nick 


Please see below the structure of my XML document (in this case I have cut it down to one record, but the XML file I wish to import has many of the same type - each record to start with <Notice> and end with </Notice>):


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



<Category Type="101">

<Notice Type="2" Reference="123456">










<Authority>COUNCIL PLACING AD</Authority>


<Title>TRO 539</Title>

<Para><Text>NOTICE IS GIVEN.</Text></Para>


<DateSigned>24<Superior>th</Superior> day of June 2009</DateSigned>

<Administrator><PersonName Class="Administrator"><Forename>Nick</Forename> <Surname>Jones</Surname></PersonName></Administrator>