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Importing XML with XSLT

Question asked by Kobyashi on Jun 13, 2011


Importing XML with XSLT


Using FM Pro 10, I'm trying to import some address data from using a link to a web service in to an existing table.and am having a lot of trouble with the import. Filemaker generally provided the error message "Message could not open file: [0]" (attached)

XML is something new and to complicate matters I'm confused over the format of the data returned which is pasted below. It looks different to other xml I've looked at. Can anyone help by pointing me someplace where I can see how to build a successful xsl stylesheet? Incidentally, there should only ever be one record.

version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Columns Items="29">

<Column Type="Integer" Name="Udprn"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Company"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Department"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Line1"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Line2"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Line3"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Line4"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Line5"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="PostTown"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="County"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Postcode"/>

<Column Type="Integer" Name="Mailsort"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Barcode"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="Type"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="DeliveryPointSuffix"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="SubBuilding"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="BuildingName"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="BuildingNumber"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="PrimaryStreet"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="SecondaryStreet"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="DoubleDependentLocality"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="DependentLocality"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="PoBox"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="PrimaryStreetName"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="PrimaryStreetType"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="SecondaryStreetName"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="SecondaryStreetType"/>

<Column Type="String" Name="CountryName"/>

<Column Type="Float" Name="Confidence"/>


<Rows Items="1">

<Row Type="SmallBusiness" Confidence="1.04" CountryName="England" SecondaryStreetType="" SecondaryStreetName="" PrimaryStreetType="Street" PrimaryStreetName="Oxford" PoBox="" DependentLocality="" DoubleDependentLocality="" SecondaryStreet="" PrimaryStreet="Oxford Street" BuildingNumber="100" BuildingName="" SubBuilding="" DeliveryPointSuffix="1A" Barcode="(W1D1LL1AN)" Mailsort="76115" Postcode="W1D 1LL" County="" PostTown="London" Line5="" Line4="" Line3="" Line2="" Line1="100 Oxford Street" Department="" Company="One Hundred Club" Udprn="25736693"/>