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Importing/Exporting Database

Question asked by ToddNolan on Feb 19, 2015
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Importing/Exporting Database


I'm confused as which way to go.

I currently have a database with: clientIDTable -> clientsTables -> policy_Table

One clientIDTable record may have many clients(husband, wife, children), which inturn may have many policies(dental, medical, etc).

I know how to save a copy of the entire database as a fmp12 file, but my question is this:

How do I import someone else's database into my own database yet keep the related tables? Currently, when I just import one database into the other, it adds the new records of clientIDtable, but nothing from the clientTables or policy_Table? The reocrds from the clientIDTable are useless without the related tables connected to it.

Is this something I'm going to have to script (and be a very drawn out script at that) or something simple I'm missing?


Thanks everyone!