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    impossible to search some fields...why?!



      impossible to search some fields...why?!


      Hi, I have built a very basic db with FM10 pro. Everything seems to work with the exception of a few fields (mainly text but also number fields) which I cannot select whilst in "search" mode and consequently I cannot search for all those records displaying a certain value in that field. What am I doing wrong?
      thank you very much in advance for your suggestions Martina

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          What is the problem you have?  Can you not click into them?  Can you enter data, but the search doesn't find what you know is there?

          In FM11 the Inspector Palette allows you to turn off access in Find mode field-by-field.  Not sure how it happens in version 10.

          To see if that is the problem, try duplicating one of the fields that 'works', then in Specify Field change it to be the one you want, and see if you can search using that duplicated field.

          You cannot search on global fields, by the way, as there is no concept of 'finding' data in a global field.

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            Howdy Sorbs...haven't seen you post in a while.

            In FMP10 on PC, right click on the field and choose Field Behaviour.  Then you'll have check boxes to allow entry in browse mode and/or find mode.

            In Mac, you'll find Field>Behavior in the top dropdown menus.

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              Thank you both...but still does not work. I have checked field format and made sure that both "use" and "search" mode boxes are checked. Still, when in search mode, I cannot click in those field cells, e.g. I need to know all records with value "1" and cannot write "1".

              Not sure what you mean for "global" fields. The fields I have are mostly numbers entered as "text" since each number stands for a precise description. 90% of fields have drop down menus, i.e. value in field is retrieved by associated table...but those fields not working are standard fields with alphanumeric values or numbers only, which I was expecting more straightforward somehow.

              Btw: I am working on a Mac.

              Again, thanks in advance.

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                Find these fields in Manage | Database | Fields and see if the global storage option was selected for them. You'll see this in the options column and you can double click the field definition to bring up field options where you can change this setting, but I wouldn't do that for a global field without checking the consequences carefully. A global field has the same value not matter what record is current, which is why it can't be searched.

                Summary fields, which compute an aggregate value drawn from multiple records, also cannot be searched for the same reason.