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Improper Return to  Find Operation

Question asked by spoke on Nov 16, 2009
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Improper Return to  Find Operation


One of my databases, called Books to Read, is a summary of the books my wife and I plan to read, or have read.  In the database, each book is a record showing its characteristics, such as title, author, type, a text synopais, along with check out and availability data from our local library.

I am changing my computer from Windows XP to Mac 10.5.8 and am converting my databases from Windows Filemaker 6 to Mac Filemaker 10, ver.3.  In the old Windows mode, the databases worked perfectly as designed.

The conversion process of the Books to Read database went smoothly, with all 2400 records carried over and all pertinent data correctly present, in the dozen or so records I checked.

In the database, the type of book in each record (fiction, non-fiction, computer, etc) is exclusively noted by a value list of five check boxes. 


My problem comes when performing a find operation on the fiction check box.  With this find, when the fiction check box is checked, not only are the fiction book records returned, but non-fiction ones are returned as well.  Conversely, when the check box of all other book types are checked, the correct books are returned after the find operation.   

All other data base operations I use, such as finding a book with a query based on title, author, etc, or culling out duplicate records, work perfectly.

My other two Filemaker data bases do not use checkboxes in their value lists, and they work fine after conversion.

I am a database neophyte, using only Filemaker.  The three databases I designed are simple flat files, written some eight years ago.


Anybody have any ideas about what is wrong with the find operation, and how to fix it? 


Thanks,   Al Faris

              Macbook Pro  X 10.5.8