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Improving on "Perform Find Now" functionality

Question asked by brianpatterson on Nov 18, 2012
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Improving on "Perform Find Now" functionality


     My record selector screen allows the user to enter data in up to five fields. If there is no matching data, the entries are lost. I need a way to save the values which have been entered to seed a new record in the database, then move the user back to the detail screen to finish setting up the new account. In this database, over half of the searches will result in no records found, as a music group is building up it's audience.

     I expect that this will entail writing my first filemaker script, saving the values from the screen before running the Perform Find command, (because that wipes out the screen values if no record it found), then switching to new record mode, then pushing the variables back into their places.

     I also need to know how to set the layout's default mode to "find".