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    In a text line ## displays as ?



      In a text line ## displays as ?


      Hi All

      I need to write in a text line which has ##CFG in the line and the '##' in browser mode is shown as a question mark '?'

      The format of the field is text so not sure why this is doing it as there are no cacluations etc.. it is just a text box. FM version 10.

      I tried putting it ino a 'Merge Field' and the same happened for example: "Configure file ##CFG <<Name>># is the one you need"

      When in browser mode this is viewed as "Configure file ?CFG firmware.sys# is the one you need.

      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          In FileMaker 11 and earlier, ## is a special symbol for the current page number. If you switch to preview mode, you'll see the page number instead of a ?. Page numbers cannot be determined in browse mode so you see the question mark.

          Here's a work around. Insert a space between the ## symbols. Select that space and give it a font size of 1 pt. This will make it effectively invisible, but FileMaker will not see ## and try to replace it with the page number.

          Note: In FileMaker 12, this is not an issue as a different symbol is used for the page number.

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            Thanks Phil.

            Issue we have is that we have a program that reads the text and automates a process. If I put a space between the ## then it is no longer picked up as a command to do something.

            Any other work around you can think of? We woud sooner not have to upgrade to v12 just to have a simple text line work.

            Again, any help most appreicated.



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              How does your program "read" layout text?

              You may have to define a field and put the ## in the field.

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                Well, the program prints the Filemaker layout as a PDF and whilst processing it scans the text to pick out commands, all the commands start with ## hence the problem. If we put in a space the program will not see it as a embedded command line.

                We have not touched our FM database in many years, do you have any pointers that I can create a custom field that has a pre-text of ## then a space then database field followed by another #.

                many thanks

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                  All you need to do is:

                  Open manage | Database | fields

                  Find the table used with your layout in the drop down.

                  Enter a new field name such as const##, select "calculation" as the field type and click Create.

                  Enter this exact text including the quotes as the field's calculation:


                  Select Text as the calculation's return type.

                  Now add this field to your layout. You can place it next to the other fields or use merge fields to combine the data into a single text object.

                  I don't think you'll need to include any other data in this new field. If you do, it's just a matter of setting up somthing like this instead of "##":

                  "## " & FieldHere & "#"

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                    thanks Phil, that now works.