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In browse mode, if a duplicate record, do not record duplicate and go to original record

Question asked by miw on Nov 12, 2010
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In browse mode, if a duplicate record, do not record duplicate and go to original record


I am trying to create script whereby when entering records, if a duplicate input arises, I can direct the script not to record the duplicate entry and then be pointed to the original record (somewhat similar to the post at Avoiding Duplicate Records on Entering, where I have posted this question as an add-on comment - I thought I would repost my question separately since I do not know if anyone reviews any follow-on comments after a solution has been found for another, albeit somewhat similar problem).  So I have a FirstName field (Validate - not empty) and LastName field (Validate - not empty). On the layout I enter the FirstName first (on exit, I only commit the record), then the LastName (on exit, I run the script below to check for FullName being unique).  I have a FullName field that is auto-calculated and concatenates as follows:  Names::LastName & ", " & Names:FirstName.  The FullName field is setup to be always validated and to be unique.  I want my script to search for a duplicate FullName only after I enter data in the LastName field at which point my script would execute.  If the FullName is not a duplicate, I want to accept the new record, if the FullName is a duplicate, I want only one result:  delete the duplicate record I just created and take me to the original record of the FullName concatenation.  Here is my script:

Set Error Capture [On]

Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]

If [Get (LastError) = 0

Show Custom Dialog ["Duplicate Record Error!"; "This combination of Last and First Name already exists.  Duplication is not allowed.  Click below to go to the original record.": Buttons:  GotoOriginal (default)

If [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 1]

Set Variable [$DupeNAme; Value:Names::FullName]

Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]

Delete Record/Request [No dialog]

Enter find Mode []

Set Field [Names::FullName; $DupeName]

Perform Find []

End if

End if

My main problem is that everytime I try to add a record,  I get my error message that the FullName field is not unique (even when I have no existing records in the file)!  Anticipating that I get this fixed, how can I get my perform find accomplished (bringing up on my layout the original FullName record), but showing all records and exiting the find script (such that I am on my layout, looking at all records but on the Original FullName record and not having script remaining to execute or needing to cancel the find executed by the script)?