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In Import Script, default to Show: Tab-Separated Text

Question asked by Dennis on Jan 20, 2009
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In Import Script, default to Show: Tab-Separated Text


Many of my scripts import fixed length text files (reports from a mainframe). I import each line of the text file into separate record in one field. If Show: All Available is selected, FileMaker assumes a CSV file, which messed up the import if there is a comma anywhere in the record.


I do not know the file name ahead of time so the import script brings up an Open File dialog where I select the file to be imported. If Open File has Show: All Available and I forget to change it to Show: Tab Separated Text, the import is messed up.


How do I set  the import script to always default to Show: Tab-Separated Text. I know it can be done since some of my script work that way. But, I can't figure out how to get the other script to default to  Show: Tab-Separated Text.