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In IWP, Get ( ApplicationVersion ) returns nothing?

Question asked by TheCanuck on Jun 23, 2010
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In IWP, Get ( ApplicationVersion ) returns nothing?


Asking the experts...


I'm developing a simple data entry layout in two flavours.

a) a standard layout for use with FMP11A

b) a web layout for use with IWP(FMS11A)


To determine which layout is needed, I'm using the Get ( ApplicationVersion ) function and evaluating (parsing) the returned results for "web".


The odd this is that when the application is run in the IWP environment (FMS11A), the function does not return anything (or returns a null string), however, when run directly from FMP11A, it returns the expected string "ProAvdanced 11.0v1".


What's going wrong???



Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.