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    In need of assistance



      In need of assistance


      Hi all,

      I have made a car dealership database for school, and i have encountered a dilemma.

      I realised that a car should not be able to be sold again if it has already been sold.

      Has anyone got any suggestions on how i can prevent the car ID of cars that have already been sold from showing up when i input a new sale?

      The tables in my database related to my situation are Cars (Car ID, Make, Model, Year etc.) and Sales (Sale ID, Car ID, Owner ID, Employee ID, Date etc.)


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          There are many options--including some that do not use a value list at all.

          But starting from a value list, a conditional value list can be set up that only lists cars where a status field in the inventory (or car table, whatever you call it) shows that the car is available for sale.

          This sounds like something that I describe as a "hardwired conditional value list" might be used or possibly a diminishing value list.

          Fully documented working examples of both methods plus 7 other versions of conditional value lists can be found in:

          "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists"