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In need of linking/embedding objects using Mac OS.

Question asked by AZ#Crncher on Nov 10, 2009
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In need of linking/embedding objects using Mac OS.


I am hoping that my problem has a simple solution for a Mac OS. I understand, according to the help menus that Mac OS does not support OLEs, but I have a need for linking PDF or excel files to records in FileMaker 10.


In our DB, we have some records classified as members, which are required to submit reports each year that we use as the foundation for our membership fees. This will be the first year that we send the reports out as PDF fillable forms, hoping to receive a large number back electronically. So whether I receive these in PDF or excel, how can I link or import into FileMaker so that when I access these members' records, I can open the form/excel file directly from the record?


Any help you can give me would be great!