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In need of some help quickly

Question asked by jmoorma2 on May 13, 2010
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In need of some help quickly


New to FileMaker using FileMaker Pro 10


I am trying to pull information from on database field (Schedule, Develop Prototype) into a different database field (Routing, Develop Prototype). I should be able to pull it over as I have the tables connected through a relationship. All other fields that are being pulled from these two databases are working correctly. However, I made a new field in the Schedule database labeled Develop Prototype and when i try to pull it into the Routing database it doesn't even show up as an option for a field. I do not know why this is happening but it is quite frustrating. The field is indexed as a date and is created exactly like the other fields except it has a different name.


It would be great to figure this out, so if anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated.