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In need of some serious help with text format

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Apr 5, 2012


In need of some serious help with text format


Hey Guys,


Has anyone ever had this problem?  I have a DB with calculation fields that generate keyword for me.  When I export them and set them up on an XLS template provided by our website compoany and try to import them, it is giving me an error, that some of the data is not in a UTF-8 format.  I have copied all of the text to a notepad document and saved as, in a UTF 8 format, and then recopied that to an XLS sheet and try to reimport it, and it is still giving me the same error msg.  I use the same DB to import product descriptions, and there are no problems.  here is an example of what the tech guy said was in some of the text format:  

“0xi““Îï’Ì ¹ª—®’Ô˜C¾Ý’«ä´ã´Ãð‚œª“²Nêô㵤µµÂÔ–{©Z—Üšm• ±•ˆ¡×‘\ãéäó꘺˗„¯ᇜeí’ᩐ«ŒŒÌ«Œ”


Any ideas or thoughts on how else to try to solve this problem?  I have a demo this afternoon with a customer and need to get these keywords loaded to help enhance the search results..  Any help would be greatly appreciated.