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In over my head I think!! Help appreciated

Question asked by Northall on Jun 1, 2010
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In over my head I think!! Help appreciated


Hi all, As usual, I jump in to offer help to friends that have little or no IT skills and often end up doubting my own. The one thing I've learned from my current offer is that Filemaker has been an absolute godsend for any upcoming projects that I'd wished I stayed away from! I've created the tables and basic relationships for a small engine service center. Customer->Engine->ServiceRecord->ServiceLineItems<-Products. The Engines can have many owners over their lifetime and I want to be able to track the service history showing who owned them whenever they were serviced. I created some sample data but the service record showed that the current owner is referenced on all historical records despite changing the owner on every service occurrence. That's my first problem The second is that regular services can fall into 16 service types, all using a set list of products that I'm trying to pre-populate a portal with. I've tried creating a link table to form a relationship between Products and ServiceType with very limited success. Some service types contain the same products as others in differing quantities and that's where I'm getting confused. I realise I'm trying to do something beyond my capability at the moment but can't help thinking I'm missing something blatantly obvious. Please, any pointers greatly appreciated.