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In Script - choose source layout during Import Records

Question asked by wckwong on Sep 26, 2011
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In Script - choose source layout during Import Records



I'm struggling in writing a script that would help me automate the importing of data between a master fp7 file and a few different child fp7 files with their own individual sets of data.  All of the slave contain the same set of fields as the master, and all files have mutliple layouts from related tables.

I know that by using the import records function I can update the master database with the data from the child files, but I'd have to specify the source layout for each table.  I'd like to automate this and I wrote a script where I choose the source file-path to import from, and run the following script

Import Records [no dialog; "$$filename";Add; windows ansi] then

Go to Layout["Layout1"], then repeat for layouts 2, 3 and 4...

Where $$filename is a previously defined path to the chosen source data (child) file.  However, by doing this script without dialog, only the data from the first layout in the source file is imported.

Is it possible to specify the source file-layout for the import records script, so each layout from the child can be matched with the master?

Any comments would be appreciated, thanks