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In search of FileMaker Developers/Mac

Question asked by JoyCosentino on Feb 14, 2013


In search of FileMaker Developers/Mac & PC Platform/FM12Pro



     We are looking for some advanced FileMaker Developers who mainly work on a Mac Platform but also PC experience. We would also like someone familiar with sQL. We are looking to develop FileMaker for our in-house Creative Department. The company currently uses a sQL based ERP that is on a PC platform and we would like our FileMaker set up to work cross-platform with the existing sQL based ERP. Mainly it would be a Project and Data Management set up for a Creative Team. We would like it set up to be cloud based and work into an app for a tablet/smartphone if possible. If you have any experience in this or could even point us to the right developers that would be great.

     Thank you in advance-Joy