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    In Send Mail script step, FROM name not showing up



      In Send Mail script step, FROM name not showing up


           I have a script that sends a single email to a single email address for each record (looping through a found set). The Send Mail script step is setting the SMTP parameters (using data from a related table) for each record each time I loop through my loop.

           It works fine, except that the FROM name is not showing up. The FROM email is there, but not the name. 

           Any ideas why this might be?

           And yes, I have veriied that the emails::sender name field is populated. :-)



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               This may or may not work.


               APPLICABLE TO
               FileMaker Pro 5, FileMaker Pro 4.x

               This article assumes you are familiar with text calculations.

               The Send Mail script step allows you to specify field values for the different fields in your email messages. The "To:" field, for example, could take values from the Email Address field.

               If you wish to include the recipient name along with the email address in email messages sent from FileMaker Pro 4.0, you can create a calculation (see below) and set up the Send Mail script step to use this field. Send Mail will place the recipient name into the recipient area and the email address in the address area of your email message.

               Assuming you have first name, last name, and email Address in separate fields, create a text calculation field to combine the information. One formula that works is:

               "(" & Firstname & "^" & Lastname & ")" &" " & EmailAddress
               (Note: For clarity, a caret (^) has been used to indicate where you should type a space.)

               Set up the Send Mail script step to use a field value for the 'To:' field, and specify this calculation field.

               A field yielding any of the following formats will work:

               (Sally Jones) sally_jones@host.com
               sally_jones@host.com (Sally Jones)
               Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>
               "Sally Jones" <sally_jones@host.com>