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Include sub-summary data in related table

Question asked by k1ngf1sher on Jan 28, 2010
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Include sub-summary data in related table & create new record in related table


I am working with a relational database in FM 9 Pro Advanced and I’m currently stuck on two issues.  The goal of this database is to create a management plan based on location data (parent table; ‘Locations’) and summary statistics that are calculated in a report based on a related table (‘Samples’).  Here are the details:

I use the parent table (‘Location’) to describe the location of livestock operations.  On a layout (‘MMP’) based on the ‘Location’ table, I would like to include summary calculations from a related table (‘Samples’).   For each Location, I have several related entries in the ‘Samples’ table that are based on the dates when the samples were collected.  I created a script to summarize data (averages) by dates from a found set of records in the ‘Samples’ table.  How would I present these averages in a table in the ‘MMP’ layout?  Would a portal be involved?

Once I have this summary information (i.e., averages), I then want to creat a new record in a related table (‘Management’).  On the ‘MMP’ layout, I believe I can use a field (Management::Plan_type) to create a new record in the ‘Management’ table, but how do tell FM to copy all the current information (including the location information and specific averages that were calculated from the ‘Samples’ table) from the ‘MMP’ layout into fields with the same names in the ‘Management’ table?

Thank you for your time and attention to my message.  I would appreciate any help in solving these issues.