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Including Text Formatting in a Script

Question asked by stige on Jun 12, 2010
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Including Text Formatting in a Script


Hi There,


Very new forum member here (I've mostly been lurking) and novice, self taught Filemaker user.  I've done what I feel is reasonable due diligence in searching for similar questions but havn't been able to find any answers that suit my particular goals.


My Info: FM Pro 9.0v3, Win XP SP3, Shared, likely will be published with IWP or CWP


The question: I would like to make a timestap/account name bold and the rest of the text plain.


I have a text field  (Field #1) that is used to log activity.  It is only editable by Administraor and not the data entry people.  To log their activity in it they type their note in to a separate field (Field #2) and then activate a script that -


'Cut' Field #2 > Insert Timestamp > Insert Account Name > 'Paste' text to Field #2 > 'Cut' Field #2 > 'Paste' to Field #1



It runs with full admin provleges and works great.  It effectively adds a timestap and account name to the begining of their log entry.  However all the text that gets pasted in to Field #1 ends up looking like a long run-on sentence.  I'd like to add this visual indicator to differentiate individual entries.  Possibly add a slight color change, too.


Simply adding a carriage return is my current solution, to space everything out, but space is at a premim on this page because I need to keep this layout compact by user request and this won't be tenable long-term.


Thanks again for any help provided.