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Income Expense Report

Question asked by TeodoraKolarova on Jan 4, 2013


Income Expense Report


     Hello, I worked with file maker pro advance ƒrom one year. Most using solution by this momet was Invoice. Now my bosses want to add all day expences and incomes in this program.

     I need to add all expences and incomes by diƒƒerent types like. Expences - date, made by, type expence, allocation, type oƒ payment, document, dealer, amount. Incomes - date, type oƒ income, customer, payment, ammount with VAT, amount without VAT. All oƒ the amaunt have to be calculated and I have to show the balance. I tried to use home budget solution, but reports there are only by amount. My bosese want to see in the raport and types oƒ the expences and incomes. 

     I'll be very glad iƒ someone can help me where I can ƒind that kand oƒ tamplate and how I can add it in my program.