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Income Statement

Question asked by JimCondon on Feb 25, 2014
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Income Statement


     I am new to databases in general.  Have been working with FileMaker for a couple of months and recently hit a roadblock.  

     I have two tables, one with expense data and one with revenue date.  I am trying to build an income statement, by year, that summarizes the data, and lists multiple years in a traditional format - labels in column one, 2010 in column 2, 2011 in column 3, etc.  I created a third table called annual, which contains one record for each year, and 4 fields per record:  Year, Revenue, Expenses, Net Income.  The numbers work fine, my issues is printing out a report with each year in a column.  

     I could easily do each year in a row using a portal, but that is not the way any user of financial information would look at such a report.

     Is there anyway to show multiple records from the same database on one form (i.e. a vertical portal)?

     My only solution is to expand the number of fields to 2010 Revenue, 2011 Revenue, 2012 Revenue, etc.  But, that seems too awkward.  I am sure I must be missing something.

     Thank you, in advance, for your comments.  I appreciate your time.