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incoming Human Resources CV and PORTFOLIO management suggestions?

Question asked by JonathanChertok on Jun 16, 2013
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incoming Human Resources CV and PORTFOLIO management suggestions?



     i am looking at purchasing filemaker for our business and one problem we have is with incoming resumes and portfolios via email. normally this is an EMAIL and a COVER LETTER (doc or pdf) and a PORTFOLIO (in pdf format).
     i am wondering if there is some step by step instructions or perhaps some help you can give me on how we might organize this info in FileMaker. right now we are printing these out and it is inconvenient.
     a couple items i am noticing is that the FILENAMES of the attachments do not always have the applicants name in it and the cover letter is not always a separate file but is sometimes in the /body/ of the email (we currently use Mac Mail and Sparrow). also, while in the past we have tried to organize pdf's on the HARD DRIVE after we have downloaded it, /most/ of the incoming emails do in fact have a HEADER in the email that associates the applicant with the JOB POSITION. this would help a great deal in the sense that if we could use this it would "pre-sort" the applicants and we could then SORT FURTHER by adding tags or information after the information was already in a database.
     any help would be appreciated.
     - jon