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Inconsistent color picker

Question asked by pgageler on Mar 12, 2013
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Inconsistent color picker


     In FileMaker Pro 12 on the Mac, I cannot access the standard FileMaker 120 color palette when trying to pick a fill color for an object. Instead, I get the colour picker on the left of the screen shot below.

     However I can (and do by default) get FileMaker 120 color palette for border, font and other color choices.

     That is, the program provides two totally different methods of picking colors, which makes it cumbersome to simply assign the same color to different elements.

     Even the icons for color picking a different - the FMP 120 color picker is a box diagonally split, half white and half white, while the Fill Picker icon is mostly one color with something in the top right corner.

     Does anyone know how I can just get the standard 120 color palette for selecting fill color?