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Inconsistent Find Results

Question asked by Kaps_1 on Aug 14, 2013
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Inconsistent Find Results


     I am trying to determine why my script returns an empty found set, yet when I perform the steps outside the script I get the correct results. The screenshot below shows my script. i am trying to the first 3 steps - wanting an AND result i.e :-

     1. include in email marketing = "YES" AND

     2. find all those records where the membership status = "VISITOR" AND

     3. contacts : visitor search  profession =1


     where :-

     visitor search  profession = If(FilterValues(Profession;Export fields for visitors::Visitors Profession)>0;1;0)

     so that:-

     Export fields for visitors:Visitors Profession  is a delimited list such as :-

     Mortgage Broker ¶ Accountant ¶ Web Designer

     and Profession is the contacts actual profession. So a member is found if they have a matching profession, are a visitor and also included in email marketing.  However the script gives a blank result - can anybody tell me why ? thanks