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inconsistent info on validating XML against its own DTD

Question asked by jreinsch on Jul 20, 2015


inconsistent info on validating XML against its own DTD


At the following text appears:

"Before importing the XML, FileMaker Pro uses a Xerces-based XML parser and a Xalan-based XSLT processor to perform the following checks for errors in the XML (and any XSL):
Verifies that the XML is well-formed. For more information, see the XML specification at
Validates the incoming XML data source against its document type definition (DTD) if one is specified."

Similar language appears at

However, I can't find any comparable claim in the 14 Advanced help. Instead, there is only "The XML that you import must conform to the FileMaker FMPXMLRESULT document type definition (DTD). If your XML is in a different format, you can apply an Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSLT) style sheet during import to transform your XML into the FMPXMLRESULT grammar."

When importing XML, does FileMaker in fact validate it against the XML's own DTD, prior to applying any xslt stylesheet?