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Incorrect and unrelated data being exported

Question asked by AFrancis on Jun 25, 2015
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Incorrect and unrelated data being exported


I'm baffled beyond baffled by this. 

I have a fairly simple DB with member and company records, relationships that enable me to populate a member record with a company name and address via an ID lookup, and when I find a group of members based on their membership status, then export the found records, the company data in the file is often, but not always wrong for the members. In fact, some companies that show up as the member's company, are not, and never have been related to that member. EDIT - in fact, I just found that the incorrect companies WERE previously connected to the individual member, but are no longer. Seems the relationship is being cached or something and exports rather than the current up to date information. The file has been closed and opened MANY times since the company information was changed a couple of weeks ago, so I am still stumped - how do I get the current company information to export?

The fields are Company::Company (from another table), CompanyID_FK from the main working table which creates the relationship to the Company table records by tying to the CompanyID there, and address fields also from the Company table, all in a tabbed layout object in my main member layout. I have the relationship set to allow creation, but not deletion of records through the relationship in both tables since any update should be recorded in both places.

Where should I start in chasing this issue down? Has anyone else experienced this kind of 'corruption' (for lack of a better word)? 

Thanks for any guidance!