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Incorrect Sub Totals

Question asked by SumeeSandy on Oct 15, 2012
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Incorrect Sub Totals


     Hi All,

     I am relatively new to FM and am using FM Pro 12. What i am trying is to generate a report that has a body, as well as 3 levels of sub summary. Essentially, my data relates 2 tables: Projects and Revenue. Projects is the master table and has alist of projects with attributes like Industry, Practice, Sub-Practice etc. For each project, the Revenue table stores monthly revenue, which is for multiple years.

     On my report, i would like to show details like ProjectId, Name, User, Jan Rev, Feb Rev, March Rev and so on, for the 12 months and also a Total and Quarterly Totals. 

     Then, i need to subtotal the data by Industry, Practice and Sub-Practice. For this, i created 3 sub-summaries (leading and trailing) for each of those fields. I am also sorting the report by these fields. In each of the Sub Summary section, i copied the fields like "Jan Rev", "Feb Rev" etc.

     Issue: My details shows the desired result, but the sub summary totals are not correct. The sub-totals for each trailing sub-summary does not add up the data for that group and instead shows the last value from the body.

     So, for 

     Industry A

        Practice P

            Sub Practice S

     Details:                    Proj1      Some Project     User 1   10     20    30


     Details:                    Proj2      Some Project     User 1   5     10    20

          Sub Total Practice S                                                     5       10    20    (Instead of 15, 30, 40)
     All subsequent subtotals and grand totals also only shows the last occurance of the groups detail records from the body section.
     Hope i stated my issue clearly. If not, happy to clarify. Thanks so much for any help!