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    Increase the count by 1



      Increase the count by 1



      I have a store room at work and it contains cables. I have used the template that comes with FM Pro called Inventory to get to where I am currently, which is not far, as all I have done to date is delete the fields I don't need and change the layout around. But where I am trying to get to is to have a one page layout on an iPad that allows me to enter the barcode of a cable find that record and then either add x number to the store room or remove one from the store room, thus changing the stock levels. I would also like to have the time recorded when the cable is removed from the store room (the cable is not actually removed from the store room, but it is at this point when it is used and therefore comes out of the store).


      Thanks for any pointers or help.

      I was hopint to upload my file for you to look at, but I can't.

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          Are you using the stock transactions table to log your inventory changes? If so, you enter a number into the units in field to add items to inventory and use the units out field to remove items from inventory. You can add a time or timestamp field to this table and set it to auto-enter the creation time or timestamp to log the time (or date and time) that an item or items was added or removed.

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            I was using the stock transactions table but I was thinking of the people who will use it and they won't want to have the keyboard pop up to input a number. They have already said that they want to be able to press a button and the number 1 appear in the Out field.

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              You'd still use stock transactions. I'm not a Go user but I think this should work: (It works in Pro)

              Define teh Out Field as a button by using button set up.

              You can give it one of these scripts:

              Set field [Stock Transactions::units out ; 1 ]


              Set Field [Stock Transactions::units out ; Stock Transactions::units out + 1 ]

              With the first script, clicking the out field puts a 1 in it. In the second, clicking the out field increments it by 1.

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                Hi Phil,

                I've copied the text into the place where i think you meant for it to go, in a calculated result. But FM comes back and tells me the table cannot be found and high lights the SET FIELD text.

                Can you be a little clearer about where to put the script.

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                  Only the text to the right of the semi-colon (;) should be entered as the calculated result.