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Question asked by AlexRansome on Jul 27, 2012
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I have a store room at work and it contains cables. I have used the template that comes with FM Pro called Inventory to get to where I am currently, which is not far, as all I have done to date is delete the fields I don't need and change the layout around. But where I am trying to get to is to have a one page layout on an iPad that allows me to enter the barcode of a cable find that record and then either add x number to the store room or remove one from the store room, thus changing the stock levels. I would also like to have the time recorded when the cable is removed from the store room (the cable is not actually removed from the store room, but it is at this point when it is used and therefore comes out of the store).


Thanks for any pointers or help.

I was hopint to upload my file for you to look at, but I can't.