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Increment Duplicates

Question asked by shellas on Dec 30, 2009
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Increment Duplicates


Hi, I'm having problems setting up my database to increment duplicates.  I'm setting up a POS solution.  When an item gets scanned twice, I would like the system to increment the quantity by 1, instead of creating another portal row entry. 


For example, a customer brings a cart of goods to the cashier.  The cart contains coffee mugs, towel, book, lotion.  The upc code of the first item, coffee mug, is scanned in, pulling up the retail price on the sales receipt layout (pretty straight forward).  Then the other items are scanned in.  If, however, there's another of the same coffee mug in the customer's cart, instead of creating a new portal row, I would like to have the first portal row increase its quantity by 1 automatically.


I'm using Filemaker Pro 8.5.  I consider myself an intermediate user. This is the only portion of the database I have not been able to set up.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.