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    Indented Field Entries



      Indented Field Entries


           I discovered this while working with the Starter Solution for FMP12 named Contacts.  When you look at the entries in the fields, they are indented a couple of spaces (in normal FMP fields the text starts at the edge of the field unless it is centered).  I like the look of this indenting and so I was trying to figure out how it was done.  I can find no adjustment in the Inspector window or anywhere else in the program.

           So, I called FileMaker Support and asked them how it was done.  The answer I got was, it is in the Theme that is applied!  Well, I've changed the theme and it has no effect.  If I add a field in the normal way it is not indented.  However, if I copy and paste a field and assign a newly created field to it, it is indented.

           Has anyone else run into this?  Does anyone know how it is done?

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               The default indention is based on the selected theme.  You can indent each field from the inspector by clicking the appearance tab.   I would set units to pt (points) then enter the number of points to indent.  The will still be different based on the theme you have selected.