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    Index a Referenced Field



      Index a Referenced Field


            I have 2 related solutions.  1 solution = EE information; the other solution is my primary solution.  I want to speed up searches based on the ACTIVE/INACTIVE status, but I can't index the field from the EE table because its a referenced field.  Is there a work around that I can perform to get the result into the primary solution as text so that it can be indexed?

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               "solution" means a file, a table?

               EE information means?

               Exactly how are you performing the find? Referenced field in what context? You are searching in the EE table via a relationship or you have a calcualtion defined in your first solution that is unstored due to referencing fields in the related table?

               How is Active/Inactive status determined? in a calculation or is this a data field in "EE information"?

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                 Sorry for earlier post being so confusing Phil.  I've modified it:

                 I have 2 related tables.  Table A contains a calculated field, Status_Case, that references a calculated field from Table B, Active_Inactive. Active_Inactive INDEXES the calculated result as text within Table B. 

                 I want to speed up FIND REQUESTS based on the Status_Case, but I can't index Status_Case because of the error within the attached jpeg. 

                 Is there a work around that I can perform to be able to index Status_Case?


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                   Remove the calculation field from your table.

                   Specify your find criteria in the Active_inactive field in the original table.