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Index missing Error

Question asked by MarkJohnson1069 on Jan 29, 2012
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Index missing Error


I have 3 table as follows:

File 1: Lot Number, category, One (value 1), cBlankField

File 2: Lock Number, Category, cBlankField, One, Quantity, Assigned Lot Number, closed (0 or 1)

File 3 (Portal File for layout attached to file 1): Lock Number, Quantity


I want to create a value list for File 2 to show me lock numbers for: 1) all blank/empty assigned lot number and 2) file 1 category = file 2 category and 3) Closed = One. I am using layout from file 1.

Whan I create the relationship & the value list, I am getting 'index missing' in my data viewer.