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    Indexing a new related table



      Indexing a new related table


      I have been given an existing database of "job tracking records".

      A requirement is to add several new fields to each existing job record.

      Rather than ballooning out the number of fields in the existing table which already has a very large number of fields in it already, I intended to add the new fields via a new related table.

      I have created a new table and created the new fields and linked the new table to the original table by creating a relationship between a indexed field in each table.

      I think I am missing a step somewhere. I think I need to somehow create new indexed empty records in the new table for all the records in the existing table?

      Is this correct, how do I go about this please.

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          That could be done, but if you double click the relationship line and select "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the new table, there is no need to do so. You can add the fields from your new table to a layout based on the original table and then the first time that a user enters data into one of these newly added fields, FileMaker will create the new related record for you to hold the data entered into the field.

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            Thankyou PhilModJunk

            Extending this question, the system only allows a key to be related to one other table.

            If I wanted to add two or more subservient tables, I presume I need to create a duplicate index field in the main table.

            What is the simplest way to do that?

            How do I ensure the original key and the duplicate index field are kept in synch?

            Do I have to take any action to populate the duplicate index field?