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Indexing PDFs

Question asked by MarkHolbrook on Nov 14, 2011


Indexing PDFs


Hello all,


I'm tasked with scanning our homeowners association records into searchable PDFs.  I already use Filemaker Pro to keep track of the HOA residents.  I'm curious if anyone knows of a tool that will run on the Mac (Windows would be nice too) that can scann PDFS in a directory and create a FileMaker database which could be searched to locate data in the PDFs?

I have searched a bit on the net and found some tools like PDF Stacks which do this on their own.  IE with PDF Stacks you run it and it scans your PDFs and you use it as kind of an organizer.  I'm willing to go that route but since I already own a copy of Filemaker, I was curious if there was something that could make use of it.

Thanks in advance!