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Indexing work around

Question asked by Matty_1 on Feb 19, 2013
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Indexing work around


     Hey guys,


     So I have three tables, Admin TO-DO, Personnel Records and Employment history.  Employment Histroy tracks start and edn dates for all our employees through a portal.  Several workers are seasonal so they have several start and end dates and in order to properly track years of service I decided to take this route.  The relationship between personnel records and Employment History is based on the serial Id of the personal Records and is sorted from lastest start date to oldest.  I have a calculation field in my personnel Records that calls upon the lastest start date and adds three months to that date.  That all works fine.  The problem is that since the calculation field calls upon records from another table I cannot index it and there for cannot use it in my relationship with the TO-DO list.


     What I've done with all the other realted TO-Do tables is a realtionship as follows.

     TO-DO Table X Task Table

     cCompleted (not equal to - too lazy to find the symbole) Completed Field

     CurrentDate + 1 month (equal or less then) Effective Date

     I cannot use this relationship because the last line calls upon a field that requires it to be indexed.  


     Any work arounds???