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Indicate Records Listed in Portal are Complete

Question asked by Terri on Nov 27, 2012
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Indicate Records Listed in Portal are Complete


     I have two tables:
     Data Table holds all my records. Each record contains a style number & color code & product code & season & season year.
     There can be many records with the same style number but each has a different colors code.
     There are two keys associated with these fields:
     Style_Color = style number | color code | season | season year.
     Product_Key = product code | style number | season | season year.
     Style Table (my second table) imports records from this data table and requires a unique product key. That way there is only one record for each style number. Then there is a portal to the data table that shows all the colors associated with that style by season.
     There is a field on each record in the portal (showing data from the Data Table) that a user must populate. Once every record has this necessary field populated it is "complete." But, as new colors are imported into the Data table, it is no longer "complete" because now there is another record that needs to be reviewed. I need something that will indicate this style needs to be reviewed again because it is not complete.
     Any ideas? I hope I gave you enough information to get started.