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indirect go to field

Question asked by doncarp_1 on May 15, 2011
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indirect go to field


I am relatively new as a FMPro script writer. While I think the "go to next field" and "go to previous field" are a great help for my script, it is driving me nuts that these two script steps would exist WITHOUT one to set the field focus by calculation in a script step. Can someone give me explicitly a script step(s) to set the field focus to a field whose name is contained in the variable $FldName as text?

For reference, I have a table of 1400 field records which contain multiple parameters for each record and need to be parsed out to a related table. It took me some time to discover that I had to copy to a variable any field I wanted to transfer and then create a new field in a new related table by setting it with the variable. Since I know all the respective field names, I could have written a book length script to do this, but silly me, I thought it would be easier to just use some indirect addressing in a generic script and set up a list of the fields I wanted to transfer to use as indirect values inside the loop.  The go to next field made that loop quite elegantly simple, but GAWD HELP ME I then spent the next week squeezing any and every Filemaker resource I could find to figure how to set the field focus indirectly. No doubt there is a simple, easy, well documented solution to this obvious script step need, especially since the FMP programmers saw the need to give me the next field and previous field steps. 


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