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    Indirect Lookup?



      Indirect Lookup?


      In Table_1, fieldA is a key to a similar field in Table_Of_Info.  Any
      lookups in Table_of_Info for Table_1 work fine.


          In Table_2, fieldB is set up as Table_1::fieldA. (It must always be the
      same value as fieldA in Table_1. The two tables are keyed through a
      common Index key).  If I make a relationship having fieldB of Table_2
      also being a key to the similar variable in Table_Of_Info,
      no lookups in Table_2 work.


      Is there some way to get around this ?




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          Jens Teich
             If you want to apply a lookup to a field then the triggering key field has to be an indexable field in the same table.

          In your example there is no stored key field in table B which can trigger lookups in that table.


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            Dear Jens:                                                Jan. 12th, 2009


               Thanks for your reply.  I guess you can't define a key where it is

              stored as a related value from another table.  However, I did discover

              that if I use the Table_1 to Table_of_Info relationship for defining fields

              in Table_2, I can actually get the values that I need.  This may  not be

              exactly proper to do this.  I think what happens is that Table_1 and
              Table_2 are related through the Index values (through the Main_Table)

              and Table_2 is related to the Table_of_Info through Field_A.  Evidently

              Filemaker tracks down the needed value using the two relationship paths.

              I notice that if Field_A in Table_2 is changed, sometimes I need to refresh

              Table_2 to update the Field_B value.