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individual row height

Question asked by gsam on Apr 12, 2010
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individual row height


I'm looking for a way to display multiple row heights in list view, I think? I'm a Microsoft access guy who's looking at the possibility of switching to file maker so the terminology I use may not be correct for File Maker.


I have a main form called Order Form and within it I have a subform called Order Details. The subform looks like a grid so I assume it would be either List view or Table view. The grid contains several columns such as quantity, product and price. I also have a column for description which could hold multiple lines of information. I need to adjust the height of each row depending on the number of lines contained in the description field. In Access this happens normally in a Report view because we know there are no scroll bars available on printed paper. I need this same effect in the form view. I don't want the use to have to scroll through many lines of a description field being able to see no more than one line at a time.


I've searched this forum for topics about this and have not found anything so I assume that individual row heights in form, list or table view is not possible. Does anyone know of a plugin that could do this?