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    individual row height



      individual row height


      I'm looking for a way to display multiple row heights in list view, I think? I'm a Microsoft access guy who's looking at the possibility of switching to file maker so the terminology I use may not be correct for File Maker.


      I have a main form called Order Form and within it I have a subform called Order Details. The subform looks like a grid so I assume it would be either List view or Table view. The grid contains several columns such as quantity, product and price. I also have a column for description which could hold multiple lines of information. I need to adjust the height of each row depending on the number of lines contained in the description field. In Access this happens normally in a Report view because we know there are no scroll bars available on printed paper. I need this same effect in the form view. I don't want the use to have to scroll through many lines of a description field being able to see no more than one line at a time.


      I've searched this forum for topics about this and have not found anything so I assume that individual row heights in form, list or table view is not possible. Does anyone know of a plugin that could do this?

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          what you must do is to increase the height of your description field  as big as your biggest data would be.  Let's say its 15 rows of text, you increase the field to cover 15 rows.


          then for mostly all your object on the report, set format > Sliding/printing and set to Sliding up based on, and click All above.


          on the screen your report will look ugly with all big amount of white spaces, but when on print preview or printed, it will all slide up and be correctly formatted.



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            Unfortunately, you can't set portal rows to shrink---only the entire portal. :smileywink:


            In otherwords, a 10 row portal set to shrink and showing 5 related records will shrink to be just 5 rows tall, but a field within the portal row set to be 5 text rows tall will not shrink.


            A much more flexible approach is to use a summary report based on the portal's table with data from the parent record displayed in sub-summary or grand summary layout parts.


            Here's a link to a simple tutorial on setting up summary reports that you may find useful:

            Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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              It's really the form view that I'm concerned with. There appears to be ways to adjust the row height in reports but we spend a lot of time working within the form. What we see on the computer screen is very important. We need to see all the data in just a glance and we can't waste a large amount of screen space by setting the default row height to a large number. We should not have to constantly switch from form view to print preview just to see whats included in each row.


              If anyone runs across a plugin that will automatically adjust the row height of each row in a form to fit the number of lines in a field please post it here.


              Thanks for the help