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Inexperienced user is stuck with missing table error

Question asked by ahl on Jun 9, 2010
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Inexperienced user is stuck with missing table error


I am using FmPro 7 on Windows 2000.


I have created a database with 1 table and 1 set of fields whilst tinkering with it I have lost the association between the fields and the table before I could backup.

When I open the database I cannot enter any info as i get the error message: table missing.

when I go to the define database menu the table is there on the table page and shows the right number of fields and the 2 test records. The fields are also there on the fields table . The Table name is correct at the top of the fields page.

I cannot enter data and cannot create new layouts as I get the table missing error message.

On the relationship page the database appears as an icon in the window.

I am stuck and have spent 2 days trying to sort this out.

Any help would save me having to rebuild a new database. Many thanks