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    Information from database or entered info



      Information from database or entered info


      The answer to my question would more than likely be here but as for how to search I wouldn't know. 

      My question, I have a database that records action of non members who we don't record anywhere and members who are on a seperate database. I want to have several fields but the main one is the member so if it has a number entered manually it goes and puts the members name in the other field but if not this field has to be inputed manually.

      I want the name field to do two things be inputed automatically from the number in another field or manually if a number is entered in the number field.

      I know how to link the fields to look at another database but not the two actions I require.


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          Do you have two tables, one with a list of members' names (and presumably their ID number) and another that lists lots of actions.  When you enter an ID number in the Actions table you want it to automatically enter their name in the 'Name' field , but if they are not listed in the Members Table then you want to type their name?

          That is easy: in the Action Table create a MembersID field and a MembersName field.  Create a relationship between the two tables using MembersID.

          When you create the MembersName field in the Actions Table make it type 'text' and on the auto-enter tab of the field options tick 'Looked-up value'.  Define the value to be looked up as the MembersName field from that relationship to the Members Name Table.

          If you enter an existing ID number it will insert the name correctly.  If the ID number does not exist you can enter it manually.

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            Thanks Sorbsbuster I'll give that a try but I will be busy for the next couple of days but I will get back to tell you how I went.

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              What an Idiot I feel. I knew the solution in fact I had done the same thing on another database but what threw me was I didn't think I could edit the fields but I never tried. Thanks for the help