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    Information Tables



      Information Tables


      I have two tables that contain information.  One is a Production Cost table and the other is a Utility Usage table.  I do not want to change these tables, they are fixed in terms of their content.  I would however like to reference these tables from layouts, preferable using their serial IDs.

      Example: Product 1 = Cost Code 1, then the actual dollar cost referenced by CC1 is linked to Product 1

      Does that make sense?  I can put together a visual if needed?

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          But what is the table context for the layout where you want to see this data? Production cost? Utility Usage? or some third table?

          This "context" is determined by what you select in the "show records from" drop down found in layout setup.

          Your options for accessing and displaying this data will depend on that context and any relationships you define linking the data in these tables. A portal can display data from multiple related records. If there is just one related record in the related table for any given record in the layout's table, you can simply add the fields directly to the layout.

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            As pictured, I have an Order Table with relationships to both a Product Table and a Production Table.

            The Product table has a relationship to the Costing Table.

            I would like to refer to the costing table in my Production Table, however I do not want the actual "unit cost" to appear.

            I would rather a "costing code" be used to attach the cost to the production run. 

            Production Table ---------( Pounds Produced x Unit Cost = Total Cost)

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              Does each record in orders list only a single product? (Usually an order can list multiple products with a related line items table used to list each individual product and quantity for that order.)

              I would rather a "costing code" be used to attach the cost to the production run. 

              Why? What problem does that solve for you?

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                An order may have several line items.  Typically one product, however packaged differently.  This could mean different pricing.

                We would prefer that costing be invisible to employees, but available for management reports.

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                  Then where is the table of line items?

                  You'll need that.

                  Typically one product, however packaged differently.

                  Does that mean that the same product with different packaging will have the same product ID or does each packaging option have its own product ID?

                  And how then will selecting the correct costing take place? If the product ID does not identify the unit cost to be used, then what user action and when selects the correct cost code for a given item in your production table? Is this specified in the Orders or in Production?