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Ingredients list

Question asked by TomPurdum on Jun 10, 2014
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Ingredients list


     Its been awhile since I have to wrangle databases, and am trying to learn FMP.  I have done quite a bit of SQL and access, but for some reason am struggling with this.  What I have is an ice cream manufacturing company.  What I am trying to do is keep a central list of all item and their ingredients in one table and then be able to "build" my flavors of ice cream from that list.  I need to be able to update the main list when something changes, then have all flavors that use that ingredient update.  Ultimately what I need is to output a report that contains each flavor and an "ingredient label" for said flavor.  What is the structure that I need to set up?  I am not tracking production or product on hand, just ingredients.  

     An example....   our vanilla ice cream uses a 19% butterfat base, which has say 5 ingredients, then we add vanilla extract, which has three ingredients and then it has vanilla specks.  So the final label would need to look something like this...



     Cream, milk, non-fat milk powder, ingredient, ingredient, VANILLA EXTRACT(ingredient, ingredient, ingredient), vanilla specks.


     Thats a pretty simple example, some flavors have up to 10 main ingredients.


     Any help would be awesome!